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Swing Low Swing High is a method of learning to fly like the greats. It involves keeping your shoulders up, hips back, and knees locked. This is achieved by keeping a low centre of gravity and then keeping your hands on the ground. This allows you to stay centered in the air, which results in increased stability and control for the entire flight. By practicing this technique, it is easy to see how easy it is to add stability to the flight, increase your control, and give you better control over the direction of your flight through different flight patterns.

Swing Low Swing High is also one aspect of flight control that the more experienced pilot should practice. Learning to take your body position to create better control during takeoff and landing is a key skill for both novice and experienced flight crew. It provides improved control and control that extends well past landing.

How does it affect flying style?
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The key to the benefits found with Swing Low Swing High is the focus on keeping your shoulders up. That way, your hips and knees remain locked. The idea is that as you stay up in your stance a better lift is created as the shoulders and pelvis help keep the core in optimal position throughout the entire flight – and so the more you can do this, the better you are going to perform.

Practice Swing Low Swing High for at least 30 minutes and let us know if you have any questions.

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