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The following are the top 5 forex trading apps according to App Annie:


A great investment app for forex traders. TradingStation enables you to find all the current market events that are happening around the globe in real time. This allows you to track the trend of the market, as well as the market in general. The trade window is always open and you can even send your alerts to your mobile device to share on social media.


Using an online interface, Stockspy allows users to manage their portfolios of stocks and options on a virtual stock board. Your stocks will be displayed on a live chart with the price displayed on bottom bar. Stock options allow you to trade real-time options or market moves and to sell or buy stock options. There are several features that enable you to monitor your portfolio, which includes a daily forecast, historical price charts, and a news feed.


TradingView allows users to trade any stock, which has a fixed number of shares. It has several options to make investments in different stocks at any time. You can trade a stock by simply typing its symbol or by using the symbol search feature. Other features include stock price history, stock buy and sell recommendations, daily forecast, and market sentiment indicators.

An index-tracking web application, allows users to trade stock portfolios and monitor their performance in real time. Users can select a stock from their portfolio, which can then be traded with the trading view. Also, the trading view includes daily stock prices, stock market moves, and trading signals. is one of the best forex betting apps for forex traders.


If you have traded before and you like to play, we have compiled a list of the best forex betting apps for forex traders. We have selected ForexForex because it offers a real-time forecast of the current market and enables you to easily trade stock. The forecasting features help you to find the best time to buy and sell a stock so that the stock can trade up or down depending on the market trends.

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The Top Forex trading apps (In-Depth Analysis)

I have compiled a list of the best forex trading apps; the ones that cover all the major trading

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