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Is SMA a best choice?

I am the original creator of the SMA method. I have since developed a whole new method. It was initially called the EMA method and has since also switched to SMA. It is a new method that uses the EMA’s algorithm over the SMA implementation. The problem with the EMA method is that it is not optimal. EMA is based purely on the number of times the method was used vs the number of times the algorithm was used. SMA is based on the same principle but over longer periods of time. The reason is that it’s not useful to simply use the numbers of the method that were used for SMA to determine where you should start developing your app.

It also has its benefits as well. Because the method is based on the number of “lives” of the algorithms, you are not limited by the number of iterations to build your app. You can develop for a long time, build out a really good app, iterate it, then use the number of times the algorithm was used and start over.

As with any new method of doing development there are a few drawbacks to the EMA method. The most important of which is that it’s not very clear what is appropriate for the number of iterations that SMA represents. But the biggest drawback to the EMA method is the fact that its algorithm is a bit complicated. It’s not as simple as all that. I can’t count the amount of times that I’ve been in a meeting where it took the programmer, who was clearly very talented, to describe all the algorithms for SMA. I had to just watch to understand what was going on (it was like watching two monkeys talk). With the EMA method, you know what to do but it’s a bit of a mystery to many developers how to do.


How important is it in Android development to implement both SMA and EMA? I am guessing that if you are doing something like an app’s user interface, you probably won’t be using SMA. On the other hand, if you are doing a big app, like an e-commerce app, EMA is more useful. I want to emphasize that though, because you don’t really have to be a rocket scientist to figure out which method can do which tasks best, but when implementing something new, you probably won’t be using one method over the other without having a clear idea of what tasks you

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