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The current market timing that I have set up has a 3-month moving average. The only thing I would change for this is to have the volume increase at least once each month instead of once every day. There are always exceptions depending upon the market conditions.

How do you feel about bitcoin going down?

I personally like bitcoin as a store of value. I don’t like people to take advantage of people. I think it is important for the individual to own a good amount of coin.

What are you doing at the moment?

At the moment that I am not working I am doing some things for BTC Guild to help further growth of it.

The United States Geological Survey has released new maps that depict the distribution of human remains across the United States at the end of the 19th century, the first time the agency has mapped bones over an entire decade.

The maps depict a variety of human remains, including some discovered in the wild by archaeologists who were actually digging for them. The new maps were put together from previously published maps of bones across the United States, and will be added to the National Geographic Society’s existing database as new bones are discovered.


The researchers, from University of Wisconsin–Madison’s School of Anthropology, used the first-ever method to create the maps (which are the same technology used by geologists). They examined skeletal remains discovered by archaeologists in 1867, a time when the United States was at its peak of growth. Because of the time the bones were collected, it was difficult to determine their total amount and cause of death.

Using a computer program to analyze DNA from remains, the researchers were able to determine which sites were most common. This allowed the researchers to determine the number of people buried in which locations. By comparing the number of different sites buried together, they were able to calculate the number of people who died at each site. These maps reveal that there were probably thousands of people buried in different locations at an average in the early to mid-1800s.

They’re far enough in the past that we still don’t know what happened to them. They likely went into the ground where there were no human remains.


The most common site, in terms of human remains, was in Wisconsin (pictured), which is about as much in the state as the entire state of Pennsylvania! Interestingly, the number of bodies was mostly concentrated in the western half of Wisconsin’s Badger State (about 60%

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