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In order to be recognized in a game, a glyph symbol, also know as a character, must be the main or only element of the object you are editing. The glyph symbol represents a shape (more specifically it is the shape’s name, or an abstract name to follow it’s shape to its symbol), then an optional color of that shape, a size of any part inside the shape, and a texture (an image file) containing the shape’s texture data.

There is another way of representing a glyph symbol: the glyph, when used from an object’s properties or a sprite, has a custom character that the user can use. In this case, the glyph can take the form of either symbols or digits.

The symbol, when used the property, is written as a character with that object’s shape. If you use a name of that object, it must be a case-sensitive character. If it has a font (or is not a font) it must be one with a specific case, and is only rendered when that case is used. The default font is specified in the Object Inspector (see Fonts).

See the Glyph and Character Fonts section below for more details about the glyph and character fonts.
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Why is that important? If you use the wrong glyph symbol, or a glyph that is not the object’s property or sprite’s texture, that might cause a bug or otherwise cause weirdness.

In the case of sprites, it can be a lot of fun to use a single graphic image as a sprite. That is because the sprite can have its own color and size. For the texture, though, it is best to use a default texture which uses the same font and size as the main sprite. However, not all sprites and graphics supports that kind of customization via textures. Check the Sprite Sprite Inspector for details.

How do I get the color and size of a character?

It is possible for a glyph to be represented as a string of binary code or even a hex value, but it is possible for a glyph to be represented as a string of bytes.

To see a glyph’s color and size you should call .png to open it. You may find more information in the Fonts tutorial. There you can change its byte size and then use the same sprite instance again and again to achieve this.

The byte and hex values are passed only in the first line and are ignored for subsequent calls. To get the color of

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