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Jesse Smith is 5’4″, but the most noticeable physical trait about him is his size.

He’s tall, he’s muscular, and he possesses an outstanding body control.

There seem to be two distinct types of people who are the tallest among men on the planet. One type is the typical skinny guy who’s still a little slim, but doesn’t have any defined flaws. In this category, Jesse Smith is one of the most intriguing athletes on the market.

The other type? An athletic guy who doesn’t look like he’s got much of an inch on the competition. The first type doesn’t often get a good chance to showcase his talents at the highest levels, but Jesse Smith got his due time in the NFL, and that’s a good thing.

Jesse Smith is coming off a sophomore year at Michigan State that showed him to be a legitimate NFL prospect. He had a stellar season in his first year as a starter and ended with 13 total forced fumbles.

Jesse Smith has a natural playmaking ability. He’s an aggressive runner, and is able to get out in space to find the soft spots on the defense. But it was his physical skills that stood out.

While Smith played only about 10 percent of his snaps from the right side of the line last season, he still displayed his versatility when he ran inside-outside routes. With a little bit of patience and experience, Smith’s physical traits could become much more important moving forward.

While Smith would likely be a mid or late first-round pick, he is definitely worth a shot. He certainly has the physical attributes for the position. But to build his own future on the field requires him to put some physical tools together to become more than a gimmick.

He was only responsible for one touchdown last season but he still contributed enough on special teams. Jesse Smith is an athlete with a strong frame who might turn into a productive wide receiver, as the NFL is so crowded at wide receiver that the chances of him having an impact are very slim.

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But if he’s the right player, Jesse Smith could be one of the most exciting rookies on the market this year. Jesse is a young, talented player who’s already shown us what he’s capable of.

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