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Disneyland’s ‘Moana.’ (Photo: Disney)

Is the name Moana really that Hawaiian?

As you might expect, Walt Disney World’s theme parks have lots of colorful names, but in the past few years most of the parks’ new names were either inspired by locales or made up to enhance the park itself.

This May, Disney’s resorts rolled out names for seven of its parks using the islands of the Pacific Islands, including Moana, which stands for “Moana’s World: A Place in the West.”

That sounds so American like the name of Disney’s Maui’s World — but Moana, like Maui’s World, is made up of three words.

While Disney was developing the first five islands of Maui’s World, the company did a similar thing with Moana.

If you look closely at these two names, they’re quite similar.

One of those words — “Naka” — is the one that started Moana’s fame.

“Naka” is Hawaiian for “hope” or “future.” The other is in the word “nuna,” which is Hawaiian for “trouble” or “uncertainty.” It’s also what the show “The Simpsons” uses for sadness or sadness.

What does someone who has come to believe that he is the son of a god want to do? He wants to leave the island forever, and his path is to help the people of the island to live their lives. “Naka” is the hope that is “T

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