What does the swallow tattoo mean? – Small Dragon Tattoo Designs

The swallow tattoo is a symbol of the swallow, a mythical and aquatic creature, and the symbol is also associated with women with an open mouth. Therefore, the swallow tattoo represents a woman who has no fear of harm. A swallow tattoo has also been associated with female beauty. In ancient China, swallow tattoos were associated with a woman with deep, dark eyes and long, straight blonde hair. In the past they were also used as a symbol of power. A swallow tattoo may be seen as a protective symbol, protecting the wearer.

Which is the easiest swallow to get?

Some swallow tattoo artists prefer to dye and shape the lips and/or neck so the wearer looks more youthful and young, even with her tattoo. If the tattoo gets stuck on the body after the tattoo artist tries it on, it can be removed with the help of an adhesive (usually an over-the-counter liquid adhesive and some rubbing alcohol and a pair of scissors). If it is a complete tattoo, then there is no need to remove it and it often heals over itself faster.

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