Can iron pills make you lose weight? – Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Iron pills, or metformin, can lower blood glucose to treat type 2 diabetes. They are usually taken once a day for at least three weeks.

How should I take a metformin pill?

Take metformin pills exactly as prescribed by your doctor — take it before, during and after a meal — while you are fasting or when you are hungry.

If you are on an iron supplement, use the same dose to prevent you experiencing an allergic reaction. Check with your doctor before using an iron supplement.

If you are taking metformin pills for a type 2 diabetes, take a double-dose before you start your next meal to avoid any drowsiness.

How should I count the number of metformin pills I take each day?

The number of metformin pills you take each day will depend in part on your weight and other factors.

Take your total number of metformin pills divided by the number of pounds you weigh. Multiply this number by 10.

The following table shows how many metformin pills and calories a 500 lb. adult would need to eat each day to reach a target weight. The results are estimated using the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and a 2006 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition report as an example.

Weight (kg) Metformin (mg) Calorie (kcal) A Weight 1.5 2.9 B Weight 100 105 C Weight 200 215 D Weight 500 550 E Weight 1,200 1,750 F Weight 1,600 2,150 G Weight 2,350 2,650 H Weight 3,950 4,850 I Weight 4,900 5,900 J Weight 6,600 7,050 K Weight 8,950 10,000 L Weight 11,100 12,500 M Weight 14,900 16,000 N Weight 19,700 22,500 O Weight 28,300 33,300 P Weight 44,100 48,000 Q Weight 56,550 62,550 R Weight 66,450 74,000 S Weight 88,500 98,550 T Weight 112,350 120,400 U Weight 132,900 144,500 V Weight 179,050 199,150 W Weight 221,150 244,850 X Weight 271,850 283,350 Y Weight 308,600 315,900 Z Weight 350,950 365,850

What side effects may be associated with metformin?

Metformin is not usually harmful, but there are a few

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