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How should we eat eggs? How do we get eggs? How can we make our life easier.

My wife and I have been living with this question for the past two years, just like many others have. But now is the time to find a solution to the mystery that has been eating our family for the past year. Here’s the truth: there is NO egg fast. There is no specific diet you can follow that will keep your eggs from being thrown in your blender by the next day (yes you can!). Some people do find that they like eating egg white proteins and eggs that have been in the fridge for longer than 4 hours, but it’s not like they think they are better than raw eggs… right?

There is no egg fast.
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So what will it take to find some answers? Here are seven steps you could try to make the best of what you can.

Step 1: Choose a clean egg-free diet

Egg allergies exist. I’ve personally had eggs thrown in my face and eaten by other people while trying to have a complete egg-free diet — it is not a comfortable experience! But there are many options for these allergies that you can easily find on the internet. Just look for one that is certified by the American Egg Board.

There is no egg fast.

Even if you can find eggs that are certified as raw, they will still contain egg proteins that will still cause an allergy and you won’t actually eat the eggs. These eggs won’t slow aging, slow hormone release, or make you feel better! There is no ‘secret’ answer, just a matter of testing.

We have our eggs all cold-smoked, because we like them so much. Why?

You have to taste test to find out who you are eating your eggs with. I find I have a hard time convincing many people to eat a clean, full-on egg-free diet (except for some vegans and non-vegetarian people) based on a few simple things, like egg proteins. But just like people have different tastes, so do eggs. It’s not a matter of the taste, it’s that it is a different product or type of egg that you cannot eat.

In the case of eggs fried in olive oil, I just love the taste. I do it often. I don’t think of eggs fried in olive oil as ‘eggs’. The smell of eggs fried in olive oil is like nothing!

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