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There’s no reason to limit your water intake. But it is best to check that you meet your minimum fluid needs every day. If you’re a big water eater, you should reduce those portions. For anyone who has an irregular heart rhythm, reducing drinking water may be wise; in fact, it can make it worse.

What makes water fasting good? In short: No calorie restriction. Most people lose weight on a calorie deficit. A 1% decline in calorie intake may have the same effect as a 5% calorie deficit, because a calorie deficit can suppress the metabolism and lead to weight loss.

The weight you gain isn’t a bad thing. A calorie deficit gives you time to reduce calorie intake, so if you are losing, it’s OK. So long as you avoid overeating, water may help you regain the weight you lose. But don’t expect to gain it all back on the next day.


For more on what makes water fasting good, check out this article on the water fasting book.

Should I fast and drink water each and every day? There is no right answer to this question, because each situation differs, depending on how you need to manage your fluid intake. But we all know that you need to drink 2 glasses of water every day to keep your liver happy.


How long should I fast? It depends partly on how you’re doing. You could fast for 24 hours straight if you’re dehydrated, or fast for 48 hours if you’re not.

What to eat, where to eat? Your meal plan should be as planned during the fast, but you may want to eat some protein to avoid the nausea and vomiting that usually come with fasting, and avoid excessive calories. So if you’re cutting calories, choose lean fresh meat or low-fat poultry. In contrast, if you’re adding extra pounds (even if it’s just from losing a few pounds), try to stay lean and eat vegetables and whole grains.


Do I have to eat anything on the day I fast? No. If you want a fast, try to eat anything as you normally would for a few days before you fast.

Does fasting stop appetite? No. The only way to stop appetite is through eating! The stomach is just like a balloon containing everything it needs to be active. But if you can’t take that balloon any more (which most people can’t) you need to fast.


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