How can I boost up my metabolism?

The most common question that runners ask about dieting is this:

From 5:2 to 16:8 - which fasting diet plans do what?
“If I’m going to be on a diet, what should I eat? When I do it, how can I make it work?”

The answer, of course, isn’t what you would expect…but it’s just as important as keeping proper nutrition and exercise for a long-term health and fitness goal.

If you’re thinking that you want to eat junk food and get fat, don’t. But if you’re wondering about how your eating habits have changed and how you can improve them, read on!

Here are five dieting tips for runners that will help you get your long-term health and fitness goal in stride.

Eat plenty of vegetables

The second nutrient you want to eat for a long-term fitness goal is something that’s easily digestible:

Vegetables. Eating vegetables is an important part of a healthy running diet, and the key is to be conscious about what you eat.

I’m not going to discuss specific vegetables here, because I don’t think they are all the same. Instead, I’ll briefly review four types that I personally enjoy:

Bran, carrots, peas, green beans

Broccoli, cauliflower

Kale – if you plan on using your veggies as a source of energy

Kale contains lots of nutrients that include some iron, potassium, calcium, and fiber

Kale is also high in vitamins B6, B12, and C, all of which are critical for the health of the body

Don’t over-eat

As a general rule, you should stay within a daily recommended calorie limit with a long-term running diet.

But what about when you’re on a strict diet? If you’re trying to reach your goal in a little over two weeks, you might want to eat a little more food…but don’t go overboard.

To stay within a healthy long-term eating plan, just stick to what you love, and don’t be afraid to enjoy more of it, too!

Eat plenty of protein

Protein has a lot of benefits for both the human body and the runner, so if you’re having trouble keeping up the running you want to do on a long-term running diet, try eating more than just a little bit.

Just remember that to be healthy, you also need to eat more frequently.