Does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight?

According to experts, it does…

The good news (if you are an apple cider devotee): The vinegar tastes very good — just like the real deal.

The bad news (if you are an apple cider devotee): The vinegar is not that delicious.

No one knows why this happens except that apple cider vinegar will give you the weight-loss “sweet-spot” that you are after. This is especially true if you are already getting in a lot of cardio, but if you want to lose weight, you will want to be in your “sweet spot” and not be too fussy with the apple cider vinegar you use.

Apple cider vinegar will also help you lose weight by:

Stimulating digestion

Improving blood cholesterol levels or raising them

Improving your blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Adding the calcium to your diet

Gently lowering your blood pressure

Adding potassium and calcium to your diet

Eating all those calories…
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That might sound like a sweet deal, but keep in mind that apple cider vinegar can really add up.

If you consume 4 glasses of the vinegar (for every 3 pounds you lose), it will still work at reducing your weight by 1/3. But it works best if you put in at least 4 glasses of water (at least 1 glass per hour) and do some stretching, sitting and stretching exercises as well.

If you are an apple cider person, and you have a hard time cutting out those big meals, consider switching to one of these apple juices instead.

6. Vinegar and Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, this is one thing that is easy enough to do in the morning.

Vinegar provides you with all the electrolytes, fiber, calories and fat that you need, and it also has a strong anti-glycemic effect which is why it does wonders for preventing diabetes. You will see great results if you make the switching to a low carbohydrate diet with vinegar in it.

The same goes for weight loss as far as adding vinegar goes. Since the majority of the weight loss can come from the vinegar, it is best to reduce carbs before weight loss. Also, try to cut out extra fat since it will help you lose more weight. This is why the same type of vinegar you are all about might work wonders for the weight loss while also helping improve your diet.

But to be clear, there is