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The world of professional cycling is still trying to cope with the shocking news that Lance Armstrong, winner of seven Tour de France titles, will now become a criminal. On Wednesday, the International Cycling Union (UCI) called the former cycling superstar’s doping “unimaginable” and said he owed an apology to the sport and his victims. Armstrong then announced that he will retire from cycling – the US has always had an exceptional love affair with the game and the former bike racer certainly proved it with his five Tour championships.

It’s impossible not to read this announcement as an act of pure evil, but the truth is somewhat different. While some might consider it to be a cruel act, it has absolutely nothing to do with the sport he once loved, even if he did cheat for his own personal gain.

The real motive for this announcement was not a desire to bring down his longtime nemesis, the late Lance Armstrong. Instead, in order to help him to face his accuser, the American legal team behind the defamation action is hoping to save the sport as a whole. He will have lost the public’s trust. The last thing he wants is to let them down – to be punished for something he had only committed to do on his own accord.

A sport which once saw a champion as a role model, and a role model as someone without secrets, is now at the brink of being irreparably damaged by a man who had nothing to hide. And though we all know that he does not deserve a fair trial, there is little doubt that if he is found guilty there would be a widespread, public outcry. If Armstrong is tried and found guilty of doping and is handed a sentence, his reputation would be destroyed.

The sport will benefit from this.
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After all, when the world is going to be watching a documentary on doping in sport they’ll be able to see what Armstrong has been smoking

It’s a shame. Not only does cycling face a legal and psychological cost, but it also benefits hugely from being exposed to the wider public’s scorn. The way

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