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The way you look and feel is a good indicator of overall energy level.”

We all look different: men, women, children and, unfortunately, people of colour. And while the stereotypes and cultural norms do tend to shape our perceptions of our own bodies, we now know that a woman’s body can look and feel very different, and in various shapes and sizes, to any other woman we see.

A woman’s body also means she can have more fat — but that doesn’t mean our bodies are the same; there can be some excess body fat on some men, others more fat in others and more lean in other women.

That last point is often taken for granted by people of colour. “When you go to the doctor for your first check up you don’t have to be told that some of your body types are different to people of your race because my body type is different to your body,” Alyssa says.

“Sometimes I feel like there were these ‘genders’ and that people don’t really talk about this in any meaningful way. I would really like to be able to talk to my doctors and say, ‘you know, my doctor just told me my body type is different because it’s not my body type,'” she adds.

And despite that, there are many men of colour on a journey to understand their bodies, and the challenges and challenges of being different, that they think will help change the way they see themselves.

Alyssa says she wants to find out what challenges her body poses for men who might not understand what it looks like. She says that she’s been in the health club, where she is usually the only woman in the room. “I would say it gives you insight into what it’s like to be outside of the ‘white, privileged, straight, male-identified’ society.”

“If you have the right mindset and that belief in yourself, it’s definitely possible.”

“Sometimes I would like to say that’s how far you can take things,” Alyssa explains as to why she thinks this is the case, to help women of colour to push themselves in a way they haven’t before.

We have to be brave to be ourselves.

To learn more about how you can get to that place, see Alyssa’s latest video.

WATCH: Alyssa and Emily discuss what they feel is sexism in the world of fitness in a recent episode of Shape.


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