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It is not often that an official announcement of an investigation into an internal matter causes such an uproar among all those involved, but it seems to be the case with the ongoing investigation into how police reacted upon the discovery of a bag of marijuana from the trunk of a car. Apparently, a small bag of weed was discovered in the trunk of a Ford Focus by two officers while the car was parked at 2nd and F streets around 10:30 p.m. last Wednesday.

“They were at the apartment complex on 3rd Street,” said a witness.

According to the witness, the officers who responded were not supposed to enter the apartment complex. Instead, they were supposed to make an entry at the front of the building to make sure that no one was missing from inside.

However, the two patrol officers were “really excited” at the thought of going into the apartment. When they got in that vehicle, however, they realized there was no other place, and were in fact “looking for someone.”

The officer who was sitting at the passenger-side of the vehicle “came up to me and kept saying, ‘Hey, I thought I saw somebody’ or ‘I thought I saw a person’ or ‘I think I heard somebody say something,'” the witness said.

As it turns out, the witness, who requested anonymity, was one of them.

“He was actually walking around the parking lot at 3rd and F, and suddenly he stops, and walks down the lane to F, and he looks right down to see [the suspects].”

According to the witness, when the officers asked why, the man replied, “Because you’re looking for the dope and you’re looking for me.”

While one of their colleagues attempted to get back into his car, the suspect took off running. When the officers followed the fleeing suspect on F Street, he was stopped by two police cruisers parked right outside his building, both on their sides.

The officers who eventually caught up to the suspect ran to his car, and when he started getting out and ran,