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The three stages of iron deficiency are:

The first stage is called erythroid hyperplasia because it is associated with the accumulation of iron in the kidneys. About 75% of the people at this stage are carriers of the gene mutation, called YAP (pronounced yawn-uh or yo-wah). If you are one of them, you will eventually go on to the second stage. The second stage in the chain is called erythrocytosis because it is caused by the breakdown of blood clots that develop throughout the blood.

The third stage is sometimes called hemochromatosis; the disease is generally associated with the accumulation of white blood cells, especially white blood cell leukocytes.

How does Iron Deficiency Anemia affect my child?

Iron deficiency anemia is a lifelong condition. Iron deficiency will affect your children and their children until we take steps to prevent iron deficiency from becoming an epidemic.

In children between the ages of three and six months, the greatest impact of iron deficiency will be felt. During this time, most parents realize that iron deficiency is a lifelong disease and begin to seek help from a doctor who understands this. However, this only works for a short time and by the age of six months, iron deficiency remains a growing concern within our society as well. Once the iron deficiency is diagnosed, families must understand the true impact of blood loss.

As children grow up, the symptoms of iron deficiency and how to prevent it will increase. If you want to stop the iron deficiency from interfering with your children’s development, you must understand this disease from the child’s perspective before the iron deficiency can be diagnosed.

You already know that iron deficiency in children may cause:

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