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When you have it, which ones are the biggest?

Fat burning is the process by which fat is released into the blood and burned to produce heat. Most burners use fatty acids and ketones (fat molecules) to burn calories, but it is the liver that creates most of this energy, and the liver is the primary consumer. The amount of fat generated by your liver can be divided by two: 1 kg of body fat provides 1 Joule of energy.

The amount of energy that is lost each time you eat a large meal can be calculated using the following formula. Each meal loses 1 Joule of energy per kilogram of daily body fat, assuming 10 lbs of fat (1 kilogram of body fat is about 5 lbs in the average man).

The formula used in the above calculation is called the total daily energy lost or TEE of body fat.

Another way to measure your fat burning activities is to measure your body weight. There is no way around this fact: if you are overweight, your TEE will be higher than if you were at your most lean.

A few factors affect the amount of energy you are able to store with each meal, but the most important factor is how often you eat.

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If you eat every 20 minutes, you can gain 1.7 Joules of energy each time you eat. If you are eating less frequently, you only lose 0.4 Joules of energy. Therefore, if you only eat four times per day, you can achieve 5.2 Joules of energy per day. The most effective way to eat is very slow—if possible but not possible, and usually just 5 seconds or less—which means each meal needs to take around 1 and/or 2 minutes to burn the fat.

Another key factor to remember is that your metabolism slows (or slows) as your body loses weight. Consequently, the number of calories burned in the meal you consume can be increased slightly, but not enough to make a noticeable change. As your body loses fat, the amount of stored energy decreases by about 300 calories or more. Some people will gain weight because they are exercising excessively: for example, athletes will tend to gain weight if they exercise extremely hard.

How much food does a person need in a day?

For the average American person, it is easy to think it makes sense to eat 5-6 meals per day. As one example of how this looks in the real world: as an example, the

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