What foods help burn belly fat?

The two main factors contributing to burning belly fat are high-fat and calorie-free foods. This is how we lose belly fat if we eat fewer foods and if we do not exercise regularly.

High-fat foods include fatty fish and seafood, such as sardines, salmon, tuna, mackerel, and grouper. Low-fat foods include lean meats and vegetables.

High-calorie foods can help burn fat, but not at the rate necessary for fat loss. For instance, a small apple or pear consumed in one sitting may provide only about 50 percent of your body fat loss to your target number.

When the number of calories from your chosen foods matches that of your body, you will burn more fat and lose weight more efficiently. This is how most people lose weight during a weight-loss program, by eating fewer calories and by exercising regularly. However, dieting is very difficult for many people because of the amount of time and effort it demands and the fear of losing weight.
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Fruit Juice May Help Burn Fat

Fruit juice, the high-fructose, artificially sweetened drink, may help burn fat by stimulating insulin.

Fructose is found naturally in fruit. If you eat fruit juices, which are often found in fast-food restaurants, you are taking in a high-fructose, artificially sweetened beverage. If your doctor recommends you consume fruits in moderation, try to limit and stick to about 2 cups of fruit juice a week. Fruits that are low in sugar include apples, applesauce, cantaloupe, watermelon, and banana peppers.

Drinking more juice may be a more acceptable alternative to avoiding sugar-containing foods. For those with diabetes, juice contains fructose in liquid form, which makes it more available in the pancreas than do sugars. By eating less sugar, you avoid a big sugar spike in blood sugar and therefore also avoid the extra fat. Drinking juice may help you get rid of your excess belly fat as well.

Exercise Help Burn Fat More Effectively

While you have a caloric deficit when you exercise, you burn less belly fat (fat that comes from your belly) when you do not exercise.

Exercise reduces fat in the bloodstream by stimulating fat metabolism. You lose belly fat less efficiently if you make your calories from fat.

Exercise may also help burn excess belly fat, though it may not be as effective right away. When you exercise for