What is the best slimming drink?

A. Aspirin Hypnotic Gastric Band: Experience Rapid Weight Loss ...

B. Cocoa powder

C. Gum


Wendy ยท 7 years ago

1 Explicit Episode 51 โ€“ “The Death of Superman” As of today, Superman has been dead for almost 70 years. So what could he possibly be dying for, I ask you? In this episode, Ryan sits down with some of the people who worked on the final draft of the script: the writer of Lois Lane’s ending, Alan Grant; writer of the final two issues, John Byrne; and finally, writer of the final comic book book page: Brian Azzarello. All of them agree: Superman needs to die! We’ll also have a talk about that final issue (which you can read at WonderCon 2017, Friday, June 5th at 5:30pm) of the Superman movie, as well as the story behind the ending of the first two Lois Lane miniseries! Free View in iTunes

2 Explicit Episode 50 โ€“ “A Day of Truth” One of our longest running podcasts is about to go into it’s first year anniversary. A lot has happened in the last five years โ€“ including our podcast growing from a four-day podcast to a full year of content! This week we welcome back the author of the “A Day of Truth” comic book: Brian Michael Bendis. We’ve talked a lot about his comics over the past few years, particularly the amazing Wonder Woman #27, and we were thrilled to finally be able to talk about one of them! So join us for a frank and insightful conversation about The DC Universe as it stands at the end of the DCU’s story. We’ll be joined by the writer, artist, and DC Editor of one of our longest running podcasts, Brian Michael Bendis. A special bonus: we talk about A Day of Truth in the first ever “Anchor Baby” episode of the podcast. This week we’re joined by Brian Michael Bendis. He is a writer and a filmmaker. In many ways, A Day of Truth is a personal quest that led to the birth of his first comic book, A Day of Truth: the comic book that inspired him to become a writer, and later an editor for DC. He started his comic book career working as a copy editor at DC Comics in 1989, but his journey that lead him to becoming the author, and eventually the director, of his own short story “A Day of Truth”. Free View in iTunes