What is a water diet? – Weight Loss Smoothie

A water diet is an approach to diet that makes use of a lot.

A water-based diet:

Is more suitable than non-water-based diets for those already at a healthy weight and active

Has much lower amounts required to maintain weight change

Can generally be undertaken without the use of foods or supplements containing water

Can reduce the risk of becoming overweight

Can improve some aspects of the condition

Can limit the amount of liquid you consume or restrict how much liquid you drink

What is a water based diet?

A water based diet reduces weight gain by replacing water intake with foods or fluids not containing water.

Water-based diets:

Are commonly used in combination with a diet containing a range of other foods and/or supplements

Are commonly implemented or recommended for weight loss

Do not have to be prescribed by a doctor

Are generally suitable for people with a body-mass index (BMI) between 18.5-25.0

Are not suitable for people who are severely overweight

Are not used by large numbers of people

Are not suitable for those taking oral drugs

Other tips on building a water-based diet and on how to use it

Many people find it helpful to consider the following tips for building a healthy weight – for example,

Eat enough

Avoid drinks

Avoid desserts

Eat slowly and gradually

Go for a walk

Do not exercise before bed

Get enough sleep

If you’re unsure if your diet is appropriate, it can be helpful to try the following.

The idea to build a water-based diet

We were inspired by the research carried out by Professor Michael McGuffin, a specialist dietician working in a hospital in Edinburgh.

His team monitored the progress of 15 patients with obesity from 2010-2015, and found that by adjusting their food and drink intake with a water based diet, they lost up to 8% of their excess pounds.

Professor McGuffin says:

“The idea behind building a water-based diet was sparked by our research involving 15 individuals who were having an uncontrolled weight gain. By adjusting the amount of food and water they were consuming daily with a water based diet, we were able to slow the progress of these patients’ health and reduce their risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes.”

What is a water-based diet?


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