How can I lose weight if I can’t exercise? – Weight Loss With Plantar Fasciitis

You just stop. Stop all that and you will be able to stop eating.” This is the idea that we are conditioned to believe, that the weight of our actions is a problem. We are told that in order to lose weight, we must stop eating, stop exercising, stop everything. And while this may sound good on paper, it is also quite harmful to the weight we are trying to lose. You have seen this happen all too often with the mass market diet trend in the last five or 10 years…the idea that dieting and eating less will somehow make us healthier.

The more we make excuses for ourselves or the habits we have developed that have made us gain more weight, the more likely we are to regain the weight we had lost. This brings me directly to a question all weight loss coaches fear to answer: How will you stop the weight when you eat less? Do you just stop eating altogether, or do you stop cutting calories in half? There are so many things to consider that once we get past the initial fear, it is actually pretty clear that the right answer is both, and it can be done on a budget. Let’s look at how one very simple way to make some money with weight loss is to buy meals from the grocery store and save them in the freezer — a great solution to the issue of making food costs less.

1) Start with the Whole Foods Market
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If you live near Whole Foods you may be familiar with their amazing selection of grocery items. The problem is it can be difficult to search for exactly what you are looking for and even harder to find the products that you want, which makes buying groceries even tougher.

The solution to this problem is Whole Foods. Go to your local Whole Foods and shop around the whole store. The grocery store gives you the option to search for what you are looking for by looking for one of the words “fresh” above the items that are listed. The term “store brand” is just a way of saying the product that you are buying is sold under the same store. This is a great way to find items you are looking for that are under 60 cents per item, or that are more expensive.

When you search in the grocery store you will automatically get a few items that have price tags that say “50 to 62 cents”.

Here’s what you may find:

Dairy free yogurt

Vegetable soups & sandwiches


Breakfast cereals

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