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The moon face can be used as a reference point to get a good idea of the shape of the Earth. It is important to remember that the moon has the same shape as the Earth. It has an elliptical shape, and when you look at it from the same place every night, it tends to be a little oval.

What is the average moon face?

You can get a good idea of the moon face by viewing it from two different places; by looking at it in the same night once all the way around, or looking at it for a small part of the day. These are the easiest ways to determine the moon face.

Moon with the face pointing towards the Earth, just before midnight.

From above, the Moon looks like a little oval and has a little bump near the middle. In fact, a great many people prefer the moon face to the Earth. But it is only a guess until someone studies a much larger picture of the moon with the Earth on it, which is still a couple of years off. Until then, you have to make a guess.

See the image of the Earth below. Just about every day (about once or twice a month) it is different. As a rough guide, the approximate moon face looks like the ones shown, with the Earth slightly tilted away from the sun.

The image on the left, from the International Lunar Observatory (Lunar-OTC), is the same as the image above, but with the Earth pointed towards the sun instead of away. You can actually see the moon face in these pictures a lot sharper because you are looking straight at it and the Earth is much closer.

What is the difference between the Earth and the moon?

The Earth, moon and sun are all made up of many objects that are part of a single system. The planet is not a single body that is surrounded by many layers of rock and glass, as it is sometimes portrayed in fiction. Rather, it is made of a few rocky bits called “sols” which are covered over by a layer of dust.

The moon is made up of many smaller objects called “chunks”. Some of these chunky satellites orbit the sun and some are on the lunar surface. Each moon has a distinctive size and shape. Each moon has its own gravity that is different from those of the other moons. Because of its position in the sky, the moon is not always the same distance from Earth as it appears in

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