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Not at all. There is nothing in iron pills that can help you to decrease your weights. Iron pills are made to help your body get rid of some weight by increasing your metabolism and iron production.

Iron pills are not a magic pill which can help you get a certain amount of weight when not eating. Instead, they can help with weight loss because the more the metabolism increases, the less the calories burned.

What can affect the effectiveness of iron pills?

There are many things that can affect the effectiveness of a health drug. You can think about two ways of making it effective:

Decrease in size of your stomach. You should try to eat as much food as your body can handle, including not eating any food that you aren’t used to eating. This way, you decrease the number of calories your body burns. Decrease in appetite control. If you eat fewer calories, then you will lose more weight instead of gaining it. Decrease in appetite control is a common side effect of certain medicines such as beta-blockers for high blood pressure, blood thinners for heart disease and blood pressure medicines for high blood pressure.

For other common side effects of any health drug use that you should also ask you physician about symptoms that may be different and you should check if you are already taking any other drugs or vitamins you are taking.

Also, you should do some experiments with other types of food that you are not sure of which one and avoid foods such as meat, cheeses, butter etc. These foods can make you lose more body fat and so it can also affect the effectiveness of iron pills.

When you take iron pills, the effect is temporary and should be used only after a few weeks. It is recommended not to take them for more than 2 months.

How to take iron pills?

You can take a single dose every 6-8 hours. Before you start taking iron pills it is recommended that you take an upper body workout to build up your iron in your body. You can do upper body workout according to your weight or your height. So you can take each upper body workout in 1-2 days.

When taking iron pills every 6 or 8 hours you should not put anything in your stomach. Eat as much as you can eat throughout the day before you start taking iron pills. If you have any kind of allergy to any kind of food then it’s recommended not to eat any food during the night after you have taken iron pills

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