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Weight loss is a complex, multi-step process that is done over many hours of exercise, food and nutrition intake, and the exercise is done alone, so you must be a healthy, active person who can perform as many reps of a weight training workout as recommended.

A calorie deficit of 5-10% for every hour of exercise and 5-8% for every minute of food intake is usually all you will need to lose belly fat, plus another 2-4 pounds. You can see the difference in your weight loss by checking out a picture of a bikini body below.

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I was on the scale and I lost 35 pounds, so I gained another 4. I have been on Weight Watchers for a year and feel great. The main reason to lose belly fat is to maintain your weight.

Weight loss tips for women under 5’2

Here are five tips of my own, which work in many cases and are the most scientifically proven:

1. Exercise can help burn calories. You have to really believe it, or read the studies above for that to happen. Exercise will not help you lose weight quickly by itself but after you lose belly fat, your metabolism increases, calories are burned and you will lose more fat at the same rate than you do a day after your loss.

2. Eat lots of protein. I was on Weight Watchers for 6 months and I have never lost anything over 20 pounds. My average calorie allowance was 880 calories and when I ate in a high protein setting (like at Subway which has 300 calories as a protein) I lost 16 pounds in a year. This same study of 3 women on Weight Watchers and two women on a diet for 6 months, each consuming 1200 calories a day, showed them both in a calorie deficit of 2,500 each and they also increased physical activity.

3. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. I know many people don’t eat enough. I usually go grocery shopping on Monday and buy my own vegetables and fruits and have some with breakfast. I eat as many vegetables as I can find, which is a lot and I have always been able to get my family of 5 on a balanced diet.

4. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, but only a small amount of red meat. While your metabolism burns fat it produces the metabolite cortisol which is a potent anti-fatigue drug in the body, so eating a lot of food rich in anti-fatigue compounds will help you burn

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