What type of cancer causes weight loss? – Weight Loss Pills That Work Walmart

Cancers such as breast, ovarian, pancreatic, colon or prostate, and endometrial are all associated with weight loss. Cancer types that cause weight gain include cancer of the pancreas, bladder, endometrium and breast.

The reason you may lose weight due to cancer is because the cancer has stopped functioning properly and is causing weight loss. This weight loss from a cancer that is not causing weight loss actually occurs due to another medical problem within the body.

Can you lose weight while you are taking a medication?

For weight loss, you need to be careful not to stop taking your medication or use your health care provider’s suggestion to replace your medication. Doing so may disrupt the way your body processes nutrition and may cause you to lose more weight.

In addition to taking a prescription medication to help you lose weight, the following medications are linked to weight loss:

Many people who gain weight with cancer are very active, such as athletes, movie stars or television actors, so taking a drug that slows down the metabolism, such as some sedative, hypnotic or muscle-relaxant medicines, is often prescribed to maintain a more sedentary lifestyle. These medications can have a strong stimulant effect on the metabolism, which makes it harder for your body to burn fat.

Some people taking a medication that lowers blood vessel tone, such as the narcotic diuretic (water-for-drinking) tablets used for urinary tract problems, may have some weight loss for six or even 10 weeks, after they stopped taking the medication. However, this may not be the case. Since the urine volume increases, there is less energy in the urine in the shorter time you have the illness. This is a good opportunity to resume exercise.

What are the dangers of chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is known as high-intensity, intermittent, short-acting therapy to kill cancer cells in order to prevent them from spreading to other regions of the body. There are no known risks from chemotherapy that relate to body weight.

There are some potential disadvantages related to chemotherapy. In addition to the risks related to cancer treatments, chemotherapy can lead to weight gain.

Prolonged or frequent use of these types of medications increases their risk of developing many health problems. These include:

Mood disorders (depression or anxiety)

Blood clots
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Breast cancer: breast cancer cells can develop in the breast.


Heart attack

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