What are the 3 stages of iron deficiency? – Weight Loss Smoothies With Oats

First it is a general condition that lasts from many generations.

This condition is caused from an infection called rust or rustworm.

Some infections can affect your bones as well as the skin.

Second it progresses to iron deficiency anemia.

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This can be caused from a deficiency of iron or an abnormality of the hemoglobin.

These can be in one or all of the following areas:

Bone marrow


Sensory system

Skin (all over)

Thirdly, it can develop into a permanent deficiency.

It can affect your bones as well as your skin.

It is often referred to as a “soft stunted”.

Your bone marrow is the part of your body which produces red blood cells and oxygen.

It can be damaged or shut down completely. This can lead to the death of your bone marrow.

It is usually caused from exposure to diseases and toxins.

In the case of the heart, it can happen from trauma or trauma to your heart muscle.

The causes of iron deficiency anemia

One of the main causes of iron deficiency anemia is trauma to your heart muscle.

Trauma to the heart muscle may lead to a stroke or heart blockage, and you can have severe bleeding in the area of the heart.

In all cases of blood clotting your heart muscle stops making clotting factors called red blood cells.

Your heart muscle is then dying a slow death. The blood that you needed to survive normally will be very low.

So blood will not clot because it is a waste product and it will not clot correctly if it does not get to clotting factors.

Iron deficiencies can be caused by infection, as well as certain food or drugs.

When was my last blood test?

A blood test is always done if you have an iron deficiency in the family, or if you are aware that your child has a deficiency.

To find out if you are pregnant or lactating check our full range of tests.

Does my child need any dietary supplements?

If you were to buy any supplements it would be worth asking whether there are special foods that they need, or whether they need another type or brand of food.

There are no special foods for iron deficiency anemia.

In general, the same kinds of foods that are eaten to prevent illness and prevent loss of

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