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Well, if you think about it, you could just go ahead and count the number of times there have been more or less successful pop music videos over the last 60 years and come up with the number of artists who have done any number of variations on dance music. “Can Can is one of the very first examples,” says Michael Wachter, who co-wrote “Can Can” with a fellow DJ who’s since gone on to make a great album. “But when you look at how long it took to come out and see the commercial success, there really wasn’t a ‘Can Can’ moment.”
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For a few years during the mid-’80s, Can Can and his dance partner Eric Gales kept pop radio in the spotlight on weekends with their hit “Dance, Dance, Dance” and “I Think I Can.” Their “Can Can & Eric Gales” dance-infused club-club songs were very well received by MTV’s music viewers, who liked the way they swashed and rocked and jiggled their bodies. They also helped propel the New York City club scene, and their music went mainstream through the release of “Can Can & Eric Gales” and “Dance, Dance, Dance” in 1988, the same year “Dance, Dance, Dance,” by the British-born Michael Jackson, became its first No. 1 single. In 1990, the trio of E.G. were nominated for two Grammys, for “Dance, Dance, Dance” and “Dance, Dance, Dance” along with, of course, “Shake It Off (The Album).” But it wasn’t until the late ’90s, when the group released “Shake It Off,” in 1999, that it was able to recapture the mainstream public’s attention. And the dance moves they put across on that album certainly weren’t the first they’d done. “This is something I thought of when I was sitting on our couch for hours,” says Eric Gales (now 42), in a phone interview from his home in the Bay Area. “You feel like you’ve accomplished something. But when I think about it, that’s the point of the song: it kind of gives you that feeling, that, ‘Wow, this is an achievement, I made something.'”

The duo’s other hits, among them “Wake Me Up In The Morning,” “Carry That Weight” and “I’m Ready,” have all seen their popularity soar. And that’s no

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