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I’m not sure I like this either. But the idea of having an arm that can “turtle” under a girl’s arm is awesome!

One thing I really wonder about is “the “n” word.” Is it possible to not have an “n” word in your game? I like the idea of your game being “The N-word Game. We’re so far away from that!

Thanks, you’ve made me a lot more interested! I’m looking forward to hearing what your next post will be!

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Thanks again for listening everyone! I can’t wait for these next two games!

It’s easy to be distracted from the reality of a game if you’re not paying close attention to its outcome at every turn. That’s why I think the best way to approach the NBA Finals — even before the playoffs start — is to watch every possession of the championship series from every angle.

There are some very important angles to observe with great detail, which I’ll discuss in later posts. However, I feel the best way to enjoy this Finals is to be completely engaged in its final moments with your own eyes and ears. And if, even during those last moments, you find one or more of these important angles, you’ll understand the fullness of what Cleveland Cavaliers basketball meant to me.

All right, let’s get started on that. There are four things we can really glean about the Finals from LeBron James’ shot above, from the angle from which it’s captured by Sports Illustrated.

1) It’s a spectacular moment. James took two great shots — the first being a step-back fadeaway, the second being a two-hander out on the perimeter, but these are the only ones worth mentioning in particular — and managed to do both. We don’t see all of them at once, but it’s quite an achievement.

2) These shots were all made under the rim (and yes, he did get fouled on the first). The angle from which James hit the first is pretty clear.

3) James makes that fadeaway happen so much better than anyone has done under the hoop before. It looks just about impossible. But that ball did not, in fact, exist in real time — it was a 3-point attempt made under an illusion of reality, and that happened after

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