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Can Can Dance is the most successful female-directed dance group of its generation. In 2010, the duo recorded their first major hit under the name and released their second album, “Let It Go,” in 2011. In 2012, the group released the singles “I Like You So Much” and “Ride Along.” In 2014, the full-length album, “Can Can Dance 4,” was released.

Since their debut, Can Can Dance has earned a reputation as a “cool, hip dance band” and has toured extensively across North America and world. They are considered one of the most popular, and influential pop dance bands to come out of the Chicago area.

In 1999, Can Can Dance was invited to perform in the Grammy Awards and after the show, they appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to promote their album.

Who is Lala?

Lala is a singer/songwriter residing in Chicago and has recently started a touring band, The Fades, in the Bayou. When not writing and performing, Lala works as a manager for the Chicago Bulls as well as appearing as a motivational speaker.

We Love You, Lala!!

Who is the MCs?

Gonzalo, Michael and Gato are the three original MCs of Can Can. They have appeared on the album “Can Can Dance 4,” performed at the 2014 World of Dance Awards and at a recent Chicago Bulls game. They also have appeared on “Can Can Live: Live at the Palace” and “Can Can Dance 4.”

Why is this album called “Can Can Dance 4”?

The album “Can Can Dance 4” is based off of the 2012 World of Dance Awards winning song “Can Can Dance 4,” the first single from the album called “Ride Along” and the second song from the album, “I Like You So Much.”

What is “Let It Go” about?

The song “Let It Go” is about a girl who lives in a small town and doesn’t want to leave. The woman in the video appears to be talking on her mobile device and tells her friend, “I’m going to live in a trailer!” The song’s verses also include lyrics describing her relationship with his boyfriend.

Who is the vocalist?
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It is Lala who leads the entire group. She was born in Cuba while the album was being made and then raised in Canada before joining the band in 2012

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