How do you twerk? – Belly Dancing History

There are no good answers.

I’m just going to say:

I’ve Twerked in my car before, and it was a good thing too.

Twerk to me.

(I do know a couple other Twerks: the dance around the lake in Brooklyn called Dancin’ N’ Dancin’, the classic version of “Hot Nigga”, and the very good dancing at the New Year’s Eve show in San Francisco).

(And to all the women who want to try Twerk in their cars and, more likely, at a bar or in their hotel room. You should do it, because it’s pretty.)

I have just been in discussions with a couple of members on a podcast on libertarianism, and I’d like to try and explain a little bit more what I find really interesting about the question:

First the most likely answer would be that it’s a response to the traditional definition of government, the one that makes it the only acceptable form of social association. So if you were going to say ‘we should just take away your right to live without government’, libertarians will probably say that it is an attack on the very foundations of the libertarian movement. They’ll be very angry at it, and they’ll try to explain the reasons for that, but the argument itself is really quite obvious.

So, in particular, there’s one main claim that’s made. Well first there were just two people to start with. There was William Blake, who started out as a kind of the anti-statism of the Enlightenment, but then became a sort of a kind of a reactionary, kind of the anti-Christian libertarian, and I think the main claim was that he was one of the most radical anti-statists of the nineteenth century in the sense that he saw government as not just inefficient but an obstacle to social progress. There were two other claims, which are the one that they really didn’t know what to say, was that he said ‘no government, no religion, no private property, no property rights’ when he was thinking about government. So he is really quite the radical libertarian even more than the most radical conservative. And they said to each other: well I understand why you could see that as a radical libertarian. I just don’t understand why you can say that you have to support the government because I’m a fundamentalist Christian, or I believe in private property, because I’m a libertarian. And so one of them said

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