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( — A Chinese team of scientists have found an entirely new kind of atom, found in the form of ‘golden nanoparticles’. The new discovery may help them find a way to create an entirely new state of matter.

“The discovery of these nanoparticles is really amazing,” said Zhongwei Yang, who is the group secretary of the Chinese Nanoscience Center for Nano Sciences at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Beijing.

“They have just these three basic characteristics, which made them very unique. They are a very small size, very transparent, and they are free of impurities.”

The discovery comes from a research team at the Nano Science Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Nanjing University of Nano Science and Technology.

The researchers found that the golden nanoparticles were not like any found previously.

“Their basic structural properties are very different from those of other atoms,” Yang said. “They behave in terms of their conductivity, which is a very high rate, and they are not very sensitive to the environment. This makes them very powerful.”

The researchers also found that the golden nanoparticles were unique.

“These are the first materials based on gold from the same family that can exist as a solid structure on a nanoleffinite and not a liquid state. We are able to make the particles as an atomic layer, to make them transparent while also keeping them stable,” said Yang.

The researchers made the atom-sized gold particles with a special procedure known as a “hollow atom.” They placed the gold atoms inside a hollow copper microchip coated in a thin film of copper.

The scientists were able to use electric current to change the electrical properties of the graphene nanolayers.

This allowed the researchers to detect certain electronic signals within the gold nanoparticles. They also found that the gold nanoparticles