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I am wondering if someone could give me more information about this. As I am sure that Rites do not have a physical location in Chicago, they are likely to be online only.



Travis has been working in retail for a decade, he is in his 9th City of Chicago, and is a member of the American Staff Retail Association. Travis has been shopping at Rites for more than 20 years. He can be reached at

My sister and I are currently planning on shopping at Rites. But we can’t seem to find any locations that are on my sister’s street in the city (not even inside the Rains’ Corner location, if I remember correctly?). We both live in the suburbs. What should we do? Is it impossible to find Rites online? Or is it only possible to find them through a mail-in coupon program?


I have been shopping for many years at Rites in Chicago and recently decided to go to their website. I can only find four different locations that are within an 15-minute drive of my home, but they are in the city. How do I find them? If they are in suburban suburbs or rural areas do they have a physical shopping center (not just a mail-in coupon)? I do not wish for my girls to go to Rites.


Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your email. We do have physical locations in our suburbs but many of our stores can only be found online or through a mail-in coupon. Our website has information on physical locations, but we do not sell products in person.

I was wondering if anyone has any information about Can Can Rites? I’ve seen them at Rains’ Corner, but this might be my only chance to visit.
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I have just had my niece visit her grandparents in my area of the county in Chicago. She was very shocked to see the huge, big can of soup. It’s a “Rains’ Corner” soup and is sold by Rains’ Corner. Can someone please clarify as to which Rains location is closest to us and is it available for children under 8 years old?



Hello Kathy,

Cans of canned food are usually sold at Rains’ Corner stores, but you can still purchase them through the mail-in program. You can go to the R

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