What is Raks? – Belly Dancing Controversy

At the core of the “Raks” are two major components of Ethereum: the “R-program” and the “C-program”, which together create the “Ethereum blockchain”. The “R-program” is the program that creates and maintains the currency unit, “R-unit” (R-coin: R-coin), on R-blockchain. The “C-program” is responsible for the payment system, “Ethereum smart contracts”, which is the backbone of the blockchain.

The “Bitcoin-Ethereum Cash (Ethereum Classic) Ecosystem” is based entirely on the “R-program”. This ecosystem was created by the cryptocurrency-tech company Coinbase, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, to manage, store, and pay for the cryptocurrency. It allows any user to easily and securely purchase, trade and hold cryptocurrency. Users may also create their own “ethers” on Coinbase that represent digital assets and transactions, and are traded on various exchanges and wallets.

There are now more than 600 cryptocurrencies in existence and the total number is expected to increase over the coming years. This “Ethereum Classic” ecosystem is a complete ecosystem, including a payment system and infrastructure, and a smart contract solution.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, as the dominant cryptocurrency, was developed by a dedicated developer called Satoshi Nakamoto. It was first presented to the public as an alternative to the existing financial system. As the number of cryptocurrencies increase exponentially, the network needs to be developed further so they can be used by other people. Therefore, the “Bitcoin” network uses Bitcoin mining function, which allows the network to be able to process hundreds or thousands of transactions per second, and process multiple transactions simultaneously. The mining function is extremely efficient, since the total processing power is controlled by a few people, who are all paid for the processing power.

Bitcoin will eventually lose its dominance over the financial system, however, since the total power of “Bitcoin” network and the amount of transactions that are processed will not decrease until the date 2026, when the currency network will have fully integrated the smart-contract technology. At that time, bitcoin will be replaced by the blockchain technology. This may make it difficult for people to use “Bitcoin”, as they won’t be able to exchange the original cryptocurrency. This will also make the current market leaders (Ethereum, Litecoin etc.) much cheaper to use, even if they are still less popular than “Bitcoin”.
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Why Ethereum Classic

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