Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Free Belly Dancing Videos Youtube Musically Lisa

I know if you have to do something like that and not have a lot of time and not have a lot of money I should agree with you but as a parent it is not a positive thing. The first time I was doing belly dancing I really didn’t want to do it and then later on when I was 14 I thought it was a great thing but when I got up there I didn’t like the way I looked and it was so embarrassing that I was really angry. Also I think it is a little more embarrassing when I get so embarrassed for not being able to look like the people who I am and I don’t want to look like the people who I am then I want my daughters to see me the way I see myself. It is different but it is definitely a thing that is uncomfortable for me. I guess people can make their own choices about whether or not they want to do that type of thing if they have some time but what I would say is that if you want to do it I guess I wouldn’t say that it was a shame but if you were not feeling like enjoying yourself because of all the times that you are constantly worrying about what others say about you then maybe you don’t want to engage in that activity. Especially if it makes you uncomfortable. Just not feeling comfortable in the moment isn’t something that anyone wants.

So we don’t have to worry about whether our kids get attention from other kids but what about when they are young? Do we have to be worried about them getting teased by other kids?

When I was younger I thought we should just do it at home because it was a thing that I liked but when I went to the dance studio I realized I did look really skinny so I started to think about why we are in this dance studio. My boyfriend was a dancer and I was one of those kids that used to stand out in the back of the room and dance with him so I thought I would like doing it. If I have that type of self esteem then why can’t I be like you in the back? Then I started to realize that as soon as I stand out, in the front, if I am even talking with another person we are going to be talking about what is wrong with us. So I think I started to realize that not only did my parents tell me I should be able to be a skinny boy but also that I shouldn’t wear something like that and I also started to realize that if the kids started calling me skinny in front of the other

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