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Do any of these tips work for you?

The “Fist of the North Star” can’t be made to work.
A few months ago, North Carolina State University decided to install a “North Carolina Fighting Game” on its football field while simultaneously installing an equally ridiculous “Fist of the South” on campus—a “mockup” of the real thing. To its credit, the university eventually decided to take down the original “Fighting Game”—a move that probably won’t make the school’s most diehard fans happy, given that the football arena also features a faux-Flaming McBosh statue. But the state’s sports departments will likely remain defiant, apparently, as the state’s legislature has taken steps to protect UNC’s “Fist of the South” and “MNC” as a whole.

The “Mock South” statue, created by artist Eric Boudreaux, has been removed from the campus area.

According to the Charlotte Observer, North Carolina State Rep. Justin Burr has introduced legislation that states that the campus is “dedicated to fighting for the state’s right to be recognized for its ‘mock-in-the-south’ status by the federal government.” The “mock” of course refers to the “Mock South” statue, which has been removed. In a press release, Burr writes that the campus is “dedicated to fighting for the state’s right to be recognized for its ‘mock-in-the-south’ status by the federal government.” Although Burr hasn’t revealed what the statue will look like, it is possible the “Mock South” will be a larger replica of the statue Burr has already announced will be on display at the site of the “Wake Forest” logo. But as far as the other statues go, the “Fist of the North Star” remains.


NEW YORK, Feb 19 (Reuters) – U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan denied bond on Saturday, according to court papers, to convicted killer Eric James, who was arrested on Saturday, having been held on a $1 million cash-only bond.

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Sullivan, a former federal prosecutor and now a federal public defender, denied James’ request to change his release date to Jan 15, noting James’ criminal history and “unblemished record” prior to being arrested on Sunday at his home in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Sullivan said he found that James’ release will serve no

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