Does Belly dancing make your stomach bigger? – Belly Dancing Costumes

Why don’t you have some?”

Crazy Belly Dance “What’s a belly dance?”

“I think it sounds really weird!”

“Just don’t ask me about it!”

“I don’t like how weird it sounds!” What do you like doing at the beach?

“You’re the best! What do you do? Beach Belly Dancing!” Are you a beach bum?

“I’m going to the beach with my belly!”

“I want to go to the beach with my belly!”

“I want to go to the beach with my stomach!” What’s your favorite thing to do with your belly?

“It’s a super relaxing place!”

“It’s fun to walk around and eat!” How often do you get a belly dance?

“I do it every chance I get.”

“Every day, every week.”

“Once a week, twice a week.” What does it feel like to be a belly dancer?

“I feel calm and free!”

“I feel excited and high and amazing!” What have you learned over the course of your belly dancing career?

“I learn something new each time I make my appearance.”

“I learn new dance moves, especially when I go to the beach.”

“I learn other people’s bodies when I dance.”

“I learn to dance around my stomachs, especially when dancing with my family!” Who are some of your favorite belly dancers?

“I don’t like to see fat bodies dancing, but I’m really impressed by the beauty and personality of my belly dancers!” How did you find out you were going to be dancing for the first time?

“A friend told me about it.”

“A dancer told me about it.” Which dance moves you learned from your belly dancer?

“I learned all those moves when I came up from the beach, and I loved the feeling of being on the dance floor and the way she would dance.”

“I started at Belly Dance Academy and learned a little bit here and there.” Which dance moves you want to learn in the next few years?

“I want to learn all those moves and see where they lead me.”

“I want to teach people more belly dance moves and see where they lead me!” To celebrate your new found belly dancer role, do you have any dance moves that you have already

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