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“I dance around the room, keeping my feet flat on the floor. To move my hips, I hold my legs down and turn around so my knees are flat. Then, I bounce and bounce, bouncing again on top of my legs. I go down to a very low foot and I dance around the room. In front of your face, you can not think this is moving your hips. You think: ‘That’s her legs, she moves her legs.’ That’s not the way.”

How do you move your hips like a belly dancer? Is your hips curved?

“No, the hip is on a curve. I bend forward, like I’m bouncing and bouncing and bouncing.”

Why does hipster look so much like a belly dancer?

“I’m a dancer and I’m so tall and lean. But my hips are always like this, and it looks a lot like this. Hipster is a really good style, it goes on the whole body: there’s a hip, knee, elbow, and toes.”

When you dance you’re almost like an actor, so why do you have to act?

“Sometimes I wish I could just be the dancer.”

Do you like being the hipster?

“Yes,” says Ms. Aylward “I prefer it because you have to move your hips, and if you want to make a hipster look tall, you have to have a large hips. It doesn’t make any sense for me to get on a low platform, you’d be taller. It’s more interesting.”

What do you do when you’re performing a move?

“I usually don’t show my face or my hands… I always dance around my hips until I find my flow, the rhythm of the music, and I make contact.”

What makes a hipster?

“When I dance hipster or something like that people don’t see me. The way I am and what I love…I just walk around like I’m dancing around my hips, and people don’t see it because the eyes are focused on the dance.”

Do you think hipster dress is a trend?

“I don’t want to say it’s a trend, but definitely we have a movement. People have always looked at hipsters and said ‘oh my god, they are hipster, what are you doing, that’s not a really attractive look.’ That’s so stupid.”

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