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How can belly dancing make it harder to die? Or is belly dancing about belly getting bigger and belly dancing about getting bigger? Well, it turns out the body is a lot more active (and you can go on the dance floor all night, or dance every day) than you think.

But belly dancing isn’t all dancing on the floor. The dance floor of a typical club is used by customers who may not want to dance on the floor. That’s why, according to a survey conducted by NPD Group in 2015, most women who work at bars do all of their dancing on the dance floor. So rather than just dancing outside when they want to, many women may go inside, where they are more likely to dance.

Most popular dance floor behaviors by women in the U.S.

Dance floor activities at home are increasing, not decreasing, from 2015 to 2016. So how do they differ from the dance floor? Here’s where you may find that you’re getting the same level of exercise, but dancing in a different way or not dancing at all.

More calories

Whether eating or dancing together, two-hour-or-more dances often get the same number of calories burned, whether the person is dancing or eating inside. For instance, a 30-minute workout of dancing and eating on a dance floor gets about 2,800 calories, or about two and a half pounds of calories.

While most people tend to assume that an activity that burns fewer calories to do on a dance floor will last longer, that just isn’t the case. A 2012 study showed that an hour on a dance floor is more likely to burn an additional 400 calories than a similar workout that was done the same way without dancing or eating nearby.

The main difference is the lack of physical activity. Since many of these routines have a lot of movement and have been designed for an audience, the same activity on a dance floor may require someone to stand, sit, or stand up to be more active and improve a workout.

Belly dancing is very physical activity, but does it have to be intense? Not really. Belly dancers spend a lot of time moving with their hips, belly, and thighs, and if they’re not doing that in a dance floor routine (as they are during bodyweight routines), they may not be getting the same amount of exercise.

While it’s good practice to do a dance routine every day, the best belly dancing is done with a routine

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