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We all have a dream of being a world class dancer. We want to be the best, and it’s not that easy — we need the proper guidance in order to be successful! Dancing is as competitive as it gets, and not all performers are equally capable. The number of hours we spend doing rehearsals and rehearsals each week can be quite discouraging, and this can often delay us from becoming fully invested in our performances.

When do I actually get to be a world class dancer?

There are two parts to being a world class dancer. The first is the technical foundation of your movement, your balance, your control of your own movement while standing and while dancing. The second is the mindset, your confidence, how much energy you can burn up in your hands for each movement, and how strong you can really feel in your body. You are never finished learning the technical requirements, simply there is more to it.

If you want to really become a world class dancer you need time to master all your skills as a dancer. In order to learn, you need practice. We practice so much in our daily lives that it is common knowledge that you will never truly lose the lessons if you just have a few extra days of sleep every week!

Why can’t I find world class dancers near me?

As a dancer, you have to be on top of your field. Your world class skills are defined by you. Don’t expect it to be handed down from on high — that’s never good. We are all born to dance and not put our own unique stamp on it. There are many exceptional talents around, and most of them have their own unique style and style of style. Some great dancers may have a style that’s slightly different from mine, but if you look closely you will see similarities. You’ll never become perfect no matter what, and never lose your way.

So what do world-class dancers generally look like, anyway?

As a dancer, it’s all about your eyes, your personality, your style, and your attitude towards what you are doing. Don’t ever be satisfied with just being one of the best. The only world class dancer that I’ve been close with that I liked was Alex and he had a unique style, so I thought I would just put him in there as the perfect example. In general, dancers are pretty diverse as a group — not just in the dancing, but in terms of personality, attitude and body type as well.

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