How can I lose my belly fat super fast? – Dancing Girl Drawing

You need a special type of diet program that will help you lose weight.

A diet with calorie restriction helps you cut calories while you lose body fat.

The diet that will help you the best is the calorie restricted diet. You won’t starve yourself, and all the food you eat will be processed to make you fatter.

The calorie restricted diet does this by increasing fat-burning in your body by making you eat less calories than you need. As your body burns fewer calories, you lose body fat. It’s like eating twice as many calories. (Read more about the calories to burn program.)

Some experts recommend to start calorie restricted diets as early as age 20.

So, if you’re young and healthy, you can start the diet at that time.

Some people don’t lose much weight on calorie restricted diets but they do lose less body fat over time. They have the most natural body fat which means they lose less belly fat.

But, some people have more natural body fat than others. So, it’s better to start on a calorie restricted diet earlier — say at age 20 or even before.

The important factor is to make sure you start the diet when you are healthy, well-nurtured and ready to lose weight. If you are obese and have insulin resistance and heart disease it can be hard to start on a calories restricted Diet.

You should start slowly and with small amounts of food. This way, the calories you want to lose will be distributed more evenly among your organs and tissues.

Some people also recommend using the following methods to lose weight while on a calorie restricted diet:

Eat less calories. This might make dieting easier and reduce your risk of overeating.

This might make dieting easier and reduce your risk of oveeating. Eat more calories from healthy sources such as veggies, fruit, low fat milk, lean meats, fish and eggs.

These are healthy and tasty sources of nutrients.

It’s best to eat more than you are burning. So eat at least 25% of your daily calories from fats, meat, dairy and eggs when taking the calorie restricted diet.

Do NOT eat at the same time. Eat two meals per day plus snacks to lose some fat at night.

Avoid the temptation of eating small portions.
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Remember not to stop eating food for a few minutes to gain or lose fat at any particular time. It’s best to stick

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