How can I reduce my belly and hip size? – Free Belly Dancing Videos Youtube Musically

When you have an enlarged belly, your metabolism will be slower. However, the more fat mass you have, the more your body will use to build muscle.

This will make a big difference in your daily activities, so your BMI may be a little bigger than what you would like.

To prevent obesity, always make sure the following conditions are present:
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Your body fat percentage should not be over 20%.

You are trying to lose weight and not to gain weight.

You are dieting and you are not losing weight.

If at any point, you are experiencing pain or bloating, or if the size of the excess fat is getting larger than normal (larger than the abdominal circumference), seek medical attention at once. Obesity is permanent, so there is nothing a doctor can do to stop it.

So, how can I decrease my belly size?

There are several ways to reduce your belly size; they differ somewhat in effectiveness and effectiveness with different exercises.

You must first learn about your body’s function at the bodyweight range, what is normal for what, and what affects your body, and how to use your own body as your guide.

The following exercises are usually effective at shrinking your belly, and they should be followed very closely for at least a few weeks.

How do I lose the belly weight?

After you have started your new exercises, make a full recovery to avoid further weight gain.

After you have been in this mode for a while (about a week on average), you should reduce your calories.

Be sure to drink plenty of water to lose your waistline.

You should also use your own body weight as your guide. This way, the exercise will be different for you on each day. Use a thermometer to monitor its temperature.

The following exercises can also help; they are the most effective for this purpose:

Switching Exercise Modules and Frequency

Switching exercise modules and frequency allows you to exercise more often, which will also help you to lose fat faster.

You have to learn about your level of fitness first and then choose the right exercise to lose the most fat.

Each day switch between exercises, which will be described below.


Pressing on the toes to walk will help you to get into the deep squat position. Try this for 20 minutes, or as many as you can for 1 hour.

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