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Sting. I had been listening to some of his albums and thought he was really cool, but he wasn’t signed to me. Then I met Kanye and we decided to work together and did a song together called “New Slaves.” I don’t think that record was released, but I was working with him. That was the first time I heard “Beware.”

What was he talking about in that song?

He is talking about how women are easy and what he does with them is kind of dirty. That’s where the sexual references come in. I didn’t think that was going to end up on a record.

He also had an influence on you as well.

I always think of all those things, but I think that his records show his attitude in life. He had a lot of influence on our creative process. And he was really passionate about music.

Did he tell you that he’d put out some new material and you’d be the first person to hear it?

I didn’t even know. At first I was like, “Oh I’m just going to go work out and play my guitar for a while.” I was like, “I’ll go put up a playlist before.” I didn’t really want to put up any music in the beginning. He said, “Come on, we can have fun together.” And I was like, “No you can’t.” He was like, “Let’s make new music together.”

I just couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do.

You would think, that if I was going to be your first person to hear something, I’d have been the first person the whole time. So I thought, “Oh shit, I’m gonna have to be here, or at least work with him on it.”

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Did you try to keep him at a low profile?

Not really. I didn’t try to be shy. I remember being at Staples the other day, and he was there working out with Chris Brown. I didn’t want to give him the wrong impression. I was like, “Yo, there’s no way I’m working out with some faggot.” So people can’t be looking at you like that. If he’s trying to work out with me and I’m not trying to be weird about it, then I’m okay.

Is Kanye still in touch with you?

He did give me a call when I was

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