How do I learn a dance routine? – Bedlah

Learning a dance routine should be a fun, natural-sounding way for you to keep yourself in tune with yourself. A good first step is to pick something that interests you and do some dancing while listening to it with headphones or a small speaker. It can be as simple as doing handstands or hand-standing, or more complex moves like balancing on a step, swaying from side to side, or even balancing on your heels. Then, move those moves on to the floor and make sure they sound good.

If you are not sure what to look for, watch a video about moving, like this one by the choreographer and music teacher Michael Schmid. This video will show you some quick moves that could help make you feel comfortable moving on the floor.

Do you have any extra tips on dance routines? What would you advise readers to do to get this process going? Please share your thoughts in comments below, on Facebook or Twitter.

The only evidence that could possibly convince the world that there was not a second shooter in Sandy Hook Elementary School on January 7, 2012 has been released in the form of surveillance video from a building where the shooter allegedly entered the building and went towards the classroom after leaving his vehicle. On Tuesday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York obtained a search warrant ordering the Sandy Hook School District to upload that video to the FBI’s computer system.

Newspaper reports indicate the video will show the alleged shooter exiting a building in Newtown, Connecticut around 1:35 pm, walking towards an entrance of the shooting range, and running. The surveillance video shows him entering the building and going up the stairs after allegedly entering the school grounds.


This morning, Connecticut District Attorney George Spencer released audio from two 911 calls for Sandy Hook Elementary School before the shooting. The first call came in just before 1:25 pm, at which point two women—one of whom was identified, according to the Associated Press as “Susan B.” who said she was “a teacher”—came over 911 and said there had been a shooting inside the school. An officer on the scene says, “Okay, I got a male, female over here. He says, ‘I’m in the classroom and I’m here for a teacher.'” The second call came from two seconds earlier, at 1:38 pm, with a woman saying, “I’m on the roof. I heard a shooting. I just heard two shots — in a school

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