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We’re in the thick of it.

For a little while there yesterday though we were having a rather odd back and forth and a few of us were having an issue with a friend.

The friend had given her boyfriend and me permission to use his phone for 2 months but the rest of us had been told we could no longer use our devices after the two weeks (I think it was 6).

I mentioned this after a conversation with the boyfriend and he assured me that his device was fine (not the only one he has, he has several) and that our access to it would be restricted to him only; but I didn’t see him get a response from his girlfriend for the remainder of the day. Later that day, she told me she hadn’t heard from him in 2 weeks.

I contacted her last night and I got her to come through on the restriction and have the phone turned off for all but her. I also have a request to make for all users. She said that my request was acceptable, but not her/him. Apparently she doesn’t support the restriction as “all of our contacts data” as stated in the Facebook app settings “is encrypted and not accessible. We will be turning that off tomorrow morning when we are home and out of the house.”

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I don’t understand your position. We are just concerned for safety and safety of our boyfriend/friends. We can’t understand how you can have the device turned off when she is away or when we come home.

We also had this issue before at the end of 2013 when we had to turn off the internet access for one month. We were using it for one of our personal reasons and didn’t have a lot of data in the app/browser at the time.

If you can turn the app off then I can understand and understand why she didn’t want them turned off.

It would also be interesting to see from her standpoint her point of view. We don’t have many friends in the company of her and she seems quite nice and nice person herself. If she is

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