How do I learn a dance routine?

I’ve done a lot of this stuff online, so I thought I’d post my own routines here and on YouTube. You can check out my personal routines here and youtube for more details:

I’m very interested in taking my dancing into the next level, so here’s what I’ve learned over the past year (as of 11-12-2012):

1. I love being a good dancer. I love that I can do this so well.

2. I love being able to do this so much.

3. I like to challenge myself in a lot of different ways.

4. The most important thing to me is keeping the energy going in my dancing.

5. I think dance is my spiritual practice.

My goal is to reach #2 in just a few months, and then do it again and again and again.

I feel bad for other people who have made it this far, but I think that’s because they’ve been doing all the right things. I’m doing the right things. There are no shortcuts.

6. All of the above really applies to how I think about my dancing and how I do it:

Be honest with yourself and your own experiences. Ask a lot of questions. Be open-minded.

7. Be comfortable with yourself. If someone tells you that their dancing doesn’t look very nice or their dancing isn’t really “you”, don’t take them seriously. Don’t take it personally.

If your dance looks like it’s from a movie, or looks to some degree like you, that’s cool. It’s not a “stunt”.

If you know that you’re not “perfect”, but you think that you can “work on it”, go for it.

What do you mean by “work on it”, exactly?

8. Be confident and confident means you can’t be afraid of looking yourself in the mirror during a session. Don’t just pretend you look right.

9. I can’t guarantee that your dancing will look this sexy / beautiful / awesome all the time, but that’s not the point. I can guarantee that as an aspiring dancer, the more you work on yourself, the better your chances of reaching #2.

10. Practice enough and you know that what looks like is what’s going to sound like, and what looks like looks like, and what looks like is what will feel like.