Is belly dancing bad for your back?

Well, that’s just it…

A new study has found that while doing the popular “body dance” is linked to a lower risk of back injury, you still have to be careful about getting too close to your partner.

In a study published Tuesday (Oct. 2) in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers examined how often belly dancing partners were involved in contact sports during adolescence and adulthood.

The study found that participants with significant back injuries were more likely to be involved with others in contact sports and were more likely to also report lower back pain than participants who were not participating in contact sports.

The study, which involved 514 adults between the ages of 50 and 64 who participated in contact sports, determined that the increased risk of back injuries were more prevalent among participants who engage in dance or gymnastics as a sport or activity.

But the greater risk of injury was not linked to the frequency of other contact sports or to whether participants were involved in contact sports by themselves or with another partner.

Previous research has suggested that participation in dance or gymnastics could be a risk factor for injury.

And a large study in the European Journal of Sports Medicine in 2005 found that people with back issues were more likely to participate in dancing or gymnastics and to wear contact sports gear.

More recently, researchers at Ohio State University in 2000 found that individuals who participate in dance or gymnastics also have a higher risk of developing chronic low back pain, a condition known as chronic low back pain.

So, while the increased risk of injury among adult participants with back problems may be related to other forms of contact sports, the increased risk of injury among people who participate in traditional dance or gymnastics could also come from dancers and gymnasts doing more ballet, jazz, rock or pole dance than in contact sports.

A large survey study published in the International Journal of Occupational Medicine last year also found that dancers and dancers and gymnasts are at greater risk from back injuries compared with other types of workers.

The researchers noted that dancers who were also gymnasts in contact activities and involved in contact sports were nearly two times more likely to have back injuries than other types of worker.

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