How do you dance for beginners? – Belly Dancing Skirt Shakira

In my experience many dancers start with a basic move, like step up foot to step up foot. They can learn an exercise called “stair jumping” – which is an exaggerated stepping up exercise that can be combined with the regular step up from step up (which can be difficult). The most important thing to remember about learning to dance is, “try not to get hurt.” In the beginning it’s easy and fun until you learn how to properly balance the leg, back, and head so the moves look natural. Once you have learned how to properly balance your weight, get on one side of a chair or stool (not a wall!) and learn to do something interesting with your balance. I remember a young man at the New School for Social Research doing the “kneeling back and forth, then jumping and spinning back”. The next thing he knew he was the most graceful and nimble dancer I have ever experienced. He just knew how to balance on one foot, and it was easy to do!

When will I learn to dance for fun?

That depends. If you want to play basketball or go to a concert, then it may not be practical to dance. If you want to go somewhere that is not very crowded, or where you will receive a lot of flattery, then dancing is a good option. The important thing is to learn to enjoy yourself. It may take 5 or 20 years but it is worth the time.
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If you wish to dance somewhere that is just a bit bigger and brighter, then going to a ball game or the movies can be very nice, while you learn how to balance and maintain your balance.

Some people have very long hair, do not need to attend class, and just want to dance. The main issue is, “I just don’t have time.” So just let yourself dance (as much as you are encouraged to do). If you are lucky, you will learn more about how to be on balance at some point and maybe enjoy going to music concerts less. (Of course, you might prefer going to bars, and dancing might also be just as enjoyable.)

In either case, try to pick a place where you will be allowed to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Don’t attend class if you are not able to have a good time. If you are able to go somewhere that allows dancing, and dancing can be fun, then go because dancing is fun!

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