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A woman is on her knees in a church and then in a line of men waiting to go to heaven when a man who says, “Yes, go with my heart and trust my words” steps up to the pulpit and makes his way to her from the back seats. He has a little bit of a beard and has a little bit of a bushy hairline. His eyes are half-closed. He stands in a corner of the church, listening to God lead her to heaven. The church has been filled to capacity. The pastor is holding a big, fat silver Bible and a box of little silver chalices and says, “I’m going to give a blessing to one woman. Let her know that she was able through Jesus to come back here this morning, get on her knees and pray.” That’s Jesus. That’s God. That’s where God puts us. Where we go to be with God. That is where prayer is. It is a spiritual experience. I don’t know how much time we have left. We can’t go any further.

We could, of course, go up to heaven now, but we could take the first step here. We could give Jesus another big hug. Maybe we would find out later that he was the one who saved the woman. He can talk to her at that time. We could do anything at that moment in order to make contact and tell Jesus that everything is going to work out because he was able to come into her heart at that moment and tell her that she has been through this life and knows her heart inside, knows Christ. That’s why we need to go in and get our faces in the sun.

We could sit back down in that seat at the table and say, “Jesus is here. He helped me at that moment in this life. He knew what I was thinking. He made sense to me even through a little bit of a rough situation. And he said, come here to me tonight and I will help you become what you want to be.”

It has become very important. Many young adults are realizing how important it is. They are telling me about how important it is that the Lord blesses us in this life. Even at that point when they are going to college, they’re saying, “I’m a student. I’m studying for a college degree. The Lord’s going to help me become who I want to be tomorrow.” There were certain things that they missed and that I tried to

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