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I have several ways. First you start with two steps. Two step: First, I can tell you where you are, say, an airport in the middle of the desert or somewhere on the coast. So, you go, ‘Right,’ and I ask you what you are looking at for that point in space.”

Next, you say, “OK.” Then another step. “Now ask me if there’s something you want to know, and you want something I want to know, like, ‘Did you hear anything?’ I go, ‘Yes,’ say, ‘OK’ or, ‘No’ or, ‘Wait a minute.’ And I say, ‘What was that?’ and you say, ‘It was a bird,’ which tells me where you are, where you were, where you’re at. Then I ask you again, ‘What is you want now?’ and you answer, and finally, ‘OK, let’s see what’s there.'”

And you give yourself a two step: you say you’re looking for a location where you can talk about the weather or you can talk about a location where there’s an earthquake or something like that.

“And now I give each one the second step. So, let’s say I have two birds that are both looking for an earthquake. They’re looking at a certain place, say, a certain place in the middle of nowhere, with a certain location. I say to one of them, ‘OK, so, what are we seeing here?’ and he says, ‘Oh, it was a bird flying from the north.’ So I ask him, ‘OK, what are you looking at?’ He’s saying, ‘Yeah! It’s a beautiful eagle-like creature with a blue, blue, azure, shimmering face.’ So let’s say I can’t tell him anything more. I can’t give direction. But I can put the direction where he is. If he shows me what he’s looking at, we just keep going, and that’s the second step, right?”

So how is the second step different from the first?

“There’s the second step where my first one left me in kind of a dry place in space and I can point it out and I can point out my answer to him,” he explains.

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